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The CIC 2050 Group is looking for new members

Posted: 13th May 2014

The CIC 2050 Group comprises dynamic industry professionals who represent a wide range of disciplines across the built environment. The Group’s vision is to provide a collaborative forum and platform for members of all construction disciplines and professional bodies to develop ideas, share knowledge and promote advancement of sustainable industry initiatives with a view to achieving a carbon neutral construction industry by the year 2050. The 2050 Group also has a direct feed into Government policy since its Chair sits on the Construction Leadership Council, alongside the Chairman of CIC.

Appointments will be made by the Executive Board of CIC and will be for an initial two-year term.

Nominations are welcome on behalf of any individual member of a constituent Full member of CIC.

2050 Group objectives:

• Maintain representation within the Group of all key professional disciplines.

• Bridge the divide between the current generation of industry leaders and the future generation of industry professionals.

• Provide clear representation and speak with an integrated voice for future generations.

• Be an active forum that offers unique perspectives and thought leadership to promote more sustainable strategies and practices within the industry.

• Demonstrate the changing image of construction, including diversity, equality and an attractive career for future professionals.

• Share knowledge, promote sustainability initiatives and disseminate information to help positively shape the future of the industry.

• Contribute to the current and future industry strategies and assist in their delivery; for instance, Construction 2025 via the Construction Leadership Council.

To register your interest in joining the CIC 2050 Group, please contact your specific institution with a CV and cover letter explaining why you wish to be involved – a list of list of CIC Full member organisation can be found on

To enable the ethos of the 2050 Group to be realised, representatives should be a professional who is at an early stage of their career.

For further information please email Karen syme

Membership of the 2050 Group is a voluntary position and no salary or fee will be paid. The 2050 Group meets monthly at a London based venue.