The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Membership Panel

The Membership Panel is chaired by the Chief Executive and comprises the CEO [or their nominee] from each of the CIC Members

Terms of Reference and Membership

The Membership Panel will report via the Board to the Council of CIC.  In the event of any disagreement the decision of the Council of CIC will be final.

The Membership Panel will be responsible for overseeing the provision of value-for-money services to the members of CIC, which are funded from an agreed budget financed by membership subscriptions. 

The Membership Panel will not have direct responsibility for the projects, which are carried out by CIC but not funded by the membership subscriptions or the ongoing business activities of CIC. (The former is overseen by the Projects Panel and the latter by the Business Panel).  However, the Membership Panel will receive progress reports on these activities.

The Membership Panel will be responsible for the ongoing committees, panels and task forces set up as part of the membership service and agreed by Members at the AGM each year.  These committees, panels, and task forces will report to the Board and Council via the Membership Panel.  This will include responsibility for the Nations & Regions of CIC.

The Membership Panel may, at its discretion, appoint a Finance Committee to advise it on the annual level of Membership Subscriptions and the budget for expenditure against membership subscriptions.

The Membership Panel will be chaired by the Chief Executive.  The Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Honorary Treasurer will be ex-officio members.  

Each CEO (or a senior member of staff, nominated by the CEO) of a CIC Member will be a member of the Membership Panel.

Chairmen and/or Champions responsible for committees, panels and task forces reporting to the Membership Panel may be invited to meetings to discuss the work of their committees, panels and task forces, from time to time. 

The Membership Panel will meet no less than four times per year.

The Membership Panel will take the place of the existing ad-hoc meeting of Members’ CEOs.