The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Liability Panel Risk Management Briefings

These Risk Management Briefings cover aspects of liability pertinent to those in the construction professions and allied bodies. These publications are continually reviewed and updated. The Panel would welcome suggestions for additional RMBs.

Novation of consultants’ appointments  - July 2021

Corporate Manslaughter - Updated February 2021

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Construction Consultants - February 2021

Money laundering - November 2020

Mitigating the Risk of Building Water Systems (Information following the Covid-19 lockdown) - May 2020

Liability to third parties for reports - Updated November 2019

The implications of consultants appointing subconsultants - Updated November 2019

Settling disputes with clients - June 2019

Indemnities in consultants’ appointments - Updated June 2019

Professional indemnity insurance - changing insurers - Updated June 2019

Advising on Insurance - June 2017

Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 - Updated June 2017

Net Contribution Clauses - Updated April 2017

Consumer Rights Act 2015  - Updated April 2017

Guidance on the Bribery Act 2010 - Updated April 2017

Managing liability through financial caps and time-barring clauses - March 2015

Managing liability through financial caps Scottish Edition – Updated October 2015

The CIC Scope of Services Explained – November 2007